Our vision at N1Radio is to build the simplest and most powerful internet radio broadcasting available. Producing original audio and video content, live events and exclusive programming broadcast via on-air, online and mobile platforms, N1Radio is hoping to reach more than a million consumers worldwide in the year to come.


Although there are some large professional stations with thousands of listeners, there are many more tiny ones who only broadcast to a handful of people. These small stations usually cost more to run than they ever make and exist purely for the love of the music. Stations like N1Radio often run free advertisements to promote Artists, events to help.



For that reason, we accept donations to help us survive, so please visit the station homepage N1radio.com and support your favorite if you like what we do.


Why we love Online Radio

Online radio is the ultimate ‘Long Tail’ music service. If you’re into a type of music that’s outside the mainstream, you’ve probably found that other services have a limited selection that eventually becomes repetitive. Internet radio doesn’t have this problem as there are no limits on the catalogue and there is always new stuff to find. Every style of music is covered, from pop to punk, afrobeat to zouk, and everything in between.

We hope you enjoy our website and continue to come back often to listen to our station.